Short Stories

"A Star Shines In The East"

A contemporary short story for Christmas

"The Conversation"

It's early one morning in the Oval Office and President Trump is visited by the ghost of President Kennedy.

"After Twenty Thousand Nights"

Harry reflects on his long life with Miriam, his wife and sweetheart.

"A Time To Mourn & A Time To Dance"

A life-affirming short story of a family coming to terms with and building a positive future out of a family tragedy.

"A TIME TO MOURN & A TIME TO DANCE by HOWARD ROBINSON is a poignant short story of bereavement told from an interesting point of view. It is full of informative details into the Jewish traditions of mourning, and is told with a realistic grasp on family interaction.Full of hope, with a nice twist at the end. Great read."

"I have just sat down and read this wonderful story which brought tears to my eyes. It captures every moment of a very sad situation but with such care and attention to detail with every word he has written. It made me cry, it made me realise many things, it made me think, but most of all, it made me smile. Every word rang true. What a truly and totally inspirational story filled with such love."

"Very tender and moving short story. If anyone has suffered a significant bereavement, this story will resonate. Brought me to tears. Very touching and poignant.Highly recommended so long as the reader does not mind the encompassing sadness."

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