The Bitterest Pill

A London teenager's discovery that he had been adopted at birth and never told sends him into a spiral of depression, setting off a chain of tragic and fatal events that have ramifications for everyone he comes into contact with.


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"This first published book by Howard Robinson is a gem. The plot twists and turns and keeps one guessing, right up to the last page. I was a bit sceptical at first about reading an unknown author's first book, but once I started reading, i put it down reluctantly to go to bed, and then enjoyed reading it at breakfast the next day."


"What makes this book such a gem is Howard Robinson's ability to write so fluently while navigating a plot that keeps you gripped until the end. Each character is extremely believable (particularly the less salubrious ones) and the attention to fine detail makes the book come to life.I am really looking forward to reading another book by this author, as he obviously has a rare gift for writing about the darker underside of life."


"Howard Robinson, in The Bitterest Pill, weaves dramatically, the pains of frustrations of characters linked together through a common tragedy. A search for truth leads to destruction for Paul, and Robinson skillfully paints the angst of youth through tense scenes with his adoptive mother, whose love never wavers, as well as illuminating themes of societal indifference through the loathsome (yet also sympathetic) Jackie. The Bitterest Pill is an engrossing drama, a fictional minefield through which the reader is certain to find a few surprises."​​​​​​​

The Bitterest Pill